Modernize Your Website

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Your website is an investment, your most important marketing tool. It promotes your business 24/7.  Modernizing your website for function and usability can better help you achieve your business marketing goals. As the number of online visitors have increased, so have their expectations for website appearance and functionality. There are several reasons to redesign your […] Read more

Website Nurturing

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Plant the Seed, then be Patient Website nurturing is similar to many other areas of life and business in that we have to plant seeds, water the plants and be patient as the plants grow.   Plant the Seed, then be Patient Farmers need to understand this method of operation. But in our society of instant […] Read more

Local Search Marketing

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Besides being available 24/7, one of the biggest “selling points” for the internet is its global scope. In fact, the abbreviation “www” which stands for “World Wide Web” emphasizes the global character of the web. Many local businesses, however, don’t find this global aspect of the web appealing. There’s no way they can supply the […] Read more

Attractive and Interesting Websites

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Websites that Attract Attention and Create Interest The two essential elements of any marketing effort are to attract attention and to create interest. All too often with website marketing, all the effort goes into trying to attract attention. Selling Something However, in order to obtain the ultimate objective of selling something, whether or not the […] Read more

Your Website and Word of Mouth Marketing

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When it comes to credibility and effectiveness of marketing, word of mouth marketing has always been the most effective at generating “hot” prospects. This is just as true in today’s world of web marketing as it was prior to the age of the internet. In the past, good word of mouth was something you hoped […] Read more

Your Website – Have It Your Way

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Your website should be something that you are both comfortable with and proud of. Yes, you should “have it your way” when it comes to your website.   It ought to be a personal reflection of you and/or your business. For example, your website’s color scheme should be based on your favorite color or on […] Read more

Do it Yourself Websites

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Following is a discussion of Do it Yourself vs Professionally Designed Websites. With all the “Do it yourself” website building software available, why shouldn’t you just create your own website? Sure, it can be done. But ask yourself; “Don’t I have more important things to do, that no one else can handle for me? Isn’t it […] Read more

Website Words of Wisdom

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Following are quality factors that distinguish great websites: First Impressions First impressions are very important. And websites are no exception. Your website visitors need to feel comfortable when they first arrive at your website. If so, they will stay awhile and shop around to see what you have to offer. If not, they’ll look elsewhere. […] Read more