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Website Design

What makes for a great website design? The pros and cons of doing it yourself vs hiring a professional web development company.

Preparing for a Design or Redesign of your Website

Take Time to Brainstorm Think about what content should be on your website and look and feel you want. Get input from your staff and talk to your website professional.  Look at different websites in your industry as well as competitors. Take notes on what you do like about other websites and what you don’t. […] Read more

Your Website – Have It Your Way

Your website should be something that you are both comfortable with and proud of. Yes, you should “have it your way” when it comes to your website.   It ought to be a personal reflection of you and/or your business. For example, your website’s color scheme should be based on your favorite color or on […] Read more

Do it Yourself Websites

Following is a discussion of Do it Yourself vs Professionally Designed Websites. With all the “Do it yourself” website building software available, why shouldn’t you just create your own website? Sure, it can be done. But ask yourself; “Don’t I have more important things to do, that no one else can handle for me? Isn’t it […] Read more