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Paving the Road to Success

Preparing for a Design or Redesign of your Website

Take Time to Brainstorm

Think about what content should be on your website and look and feel you want. Get input from your staff and talk to your website professional. 

Look at different websites in your industry as well as competitors. Take notes on what you do like about other websites and what you don’t.

Create a Mood

Would you like a simple and clean look, an elegant classy look or maybe something modern or eclectic?   Don’t stray too much from your current print materials. Make sure you sick with your branding and your vision reflects the company image you want to portray.

For Your Customers

Think about what your customers would relate to – what they might want to see, what would interest them. Navigating through your website should make sense and should be easy for your customers to “travel” around.

The Home Page

What questions do your customers ask you the most?  Make sure that the answers are easy to find from the home page.

Emphasize how you are different and why someone would want to do business with you.  Distinguish your company from your competitors. And if you have a good motto, use it.

Get Your Resume Together

Gather content you intend to use to position yourself as an expert in your field. Info such as articles you have written or appeared in, organizations you belong to, certifications, achievements, awards and charitable projects you have participated in. Most of all don’t forget good quality photos of yourself and your projects and client testimonials.

With this information your website design professional will be on the way to creating, customizing and communicating your message for your new website.