Website Marketing Tips

Websites that Attract Attention and Create Interest

The two essential elements of any marketing effort are to attract attention and to create interest. All too often with website marketing, all the effort goes into trying to attract attention.

Selling Something

However, in order to obtain the ultimate objective of selling something, whether or not the sale is done directly from your website, the element of interest must be created and maintained. In other words, there has to be something of substance presented that meets a need or fulfills a desire.

Avoid Flashy Glitz and Glitter

It does no good to catch someone’s attention with a lot of flashy glitz and glitter if it isn’t backed up with a something of substance for them to get interested in.  In fact, even if there is something of interest there, it may be hidden or obscured by all the noise and commotion created in an effort to attract attention.

The Proper Balance

Websites by Ideal strives to achieve the proper balance between these two essential factors of attraction and interest. We create websites that are attractive in the sense of being aesthetically pleasing to the eye and that evoke interest by attractively presenting finished products that anyone would be happy and proud to own.

Sample Websites

To see samples of the websites we have created based on these principles, visit our samples page  and explore any of the websites you find there.