Website Evaluation Tips

Brainstorm Is your content up to date?  Does it say and reflect your company’s mission? Think about what content should be on your website and look and feel you want. Get input from your staff and talk to your design people.  Look at different websites in your...

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Website Nurturing

Plant the Seed, then be Patient Website nurturing is similar to many other areas of life and business in that we have to plant seeds, water the plants and be patient as the plants grow.   Plant the Seed, then be Patient Farmers need to understand this method of...

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Web Cautions

With the advent and growth of the digital internet marketing many companies and services have been jumping on the band wagon.  There is undoubtedly opportunity on the web, but there are also significant landmines out there.  Before you jump in or if you are already...

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Website Marketing Tips

Websites that Attract Attention and Create Interest The two essential elements of any marketing effort are to attract attention and to create interest. All too often with website marketing, all the effort goes into trying to attract attention. Selling Something...

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Website Words of Wisdom

Following are quality factors that distinguish great websites: First Impressions First impressions are very important. And websites are no exception. Your website visitors need to feel comfortable when they first arrive at your website. If so, they will stay awhile...

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Your website is the most important marketing tool you have.

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