Website Nurturing

Plant the Seed, then be Patient

Website nurturing is similar to many other areas of life and business in that we have to plant seeds, water the plants and be patient as the plants grow.   Plant the Seed, then be Patient

Farmers need to understand this method of operation. But in our society of instant gratification, we seldom have the patience to wait for the good word to spread.

When we put up a website, we’d like to have people immediately begin to visit it and start contacting us to do business. Just like growing a crop, these things take time.

Search engines have to find your website

First, the search engines have to find your website and index its content. Then they need to evaluate how important that content is to their users (the people searching for content like yours).

Is your website referenced from other websites?

One of the ways Google evaluates the importance of your content is to examine how many times it is referenced from other websites. In other words, the good word about your website needs to spread among your peers. And again, these things take time.

A marathon, not a sprint

As our colleagues have said, getting found is a marathon, not a sprint.  Please remember that there are sites that have been around longer than yours, and they have most likely been working very hard to be found.

Fortunately, there are some things you can and should do to help this process along. For help in getting your website found more frequently by qualified prospects, contact Websites by Ideal. We’ll help you make sure you’re doing the right things to promote your website for long term success.

Don’t be impatient

Getting too impatient can lead to long term disaster; especially if you do things that annoy the search engines. They have been known to penalize websites for trying to fool them into skewing their search results to favor one website over another.